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Today ESP Group makes life simple for millions of transport users by supporting passengers on every step of their journey. What’s more, we are designing the future of transport to ensure enhanced mobility improves the lives of individuals and the communities in which we live and work.

Through Viaqqio, ESP’s future mobility design division, we are exploring how transport provision can better meet different users’ needs today and in the coming years.  Our team’s experience in trend analysis, service design and customer experience allows us to work with people to co-design new transport services and platforms and to improve public transport for the future.

Below are our projects. If you would like to know more about any of them, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Easy Travel Index

The Easy Travel Index (ETI) is an annual survey of the people in the UK and their transport and travel habits.  We asked the public to give their views on local travel, car ownership, transport worries and more.

After the success of the first Easy Travel Index, ESP Group chose to include more people in more cities in their second edition. Almost 5,000 individuals aged 16 and over were surveyed from across 45 towns, cities and regions.

Over the following weeks we will publish ‘thought bites’ to share insights in the UK transport system and highlighting some of the worries the public have when travelling in the UK.

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New web application to bring different modes of transport together

Scotland’s first mobility as a service (MaaS) web application will be piloted in Dundee and Fife this autumn with 16-25 year olds. ‘NaviGoGo’ is seeking to solve many of the transport issues that young people face and provide a real alternative to owning a car or relying on lifts.

During co-design research for the project, young people identified safety, complicated timetables and unclear fare structures as some of their main concerns.

In response to the research, NaviGoGo offers streamlined and personalised information, payment and fulfilment for buses, trains, taxis, walking, car clubs and bike schemes – all in one single hub. This is to increase safety, simplify timetables, join up different modes of transport and help young people to find the cheapest way to complete their journey.

Car Freedom

Car Freedom was born from the millions of stories about the problems our customers face when they couldn’t drive anymore.

The ESP Group developed Car Freedom to make transport work for our customers as they get older. We understand how important it is to make the journeys you want to make as easily as possible and we are here to make hassle free travel a reality.

For many years we have been helping transport companies and authorities make transport work for their customers. Whether that’s producing and delivering the concessionary travel pass or being on the end of the phone to help when things don’t go to plan – we’re here to make life simple.

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Upstream works with people affected by dementia to improve mobility services

Getting out and about and being involved in community life is an important part of living well with dementia and mobility service providers play a key role in this. However, the challenges faced by people affected by dementia mean that they may find travel daunting. Dementia affects so much more than memory and travel can be noisy, busy and disorienting.

If the growing number of people living with dementia are to maintain their independence then transport and related services need to respond and develop in ways that are informed by real-life experience. Upstream is working with people with dementia across Scotland to discover and share their experiences of travel. Our aim is to put the voice of people with dementia at the heart of future mobility service design by developing training for mobility service providers and creating spaces for everyone to participate and contribute to the conversation.


ESP Group are excited to be part of the CAPRI (Connected & Autonomous PODS on-Road Implementation) consortium which has successfully secured funding from Innovate UK under Stream 2 of the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2 competition. The CAPRI project will design & deliver a complete, market-ready mobility service deployable in urban scenarios using trusted secure PODs and support systems.

A series of trial deployments will demonstrate increasingly complex POD-based mobility services. This will include two public trials at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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ESP Group recognises the complexity and emotional challenges of the process of retiring from driving; a transition which is particularly heightened for people affected by dementia.

Onwards is a 16-month project led by ESP Group and funded by the Life Changes Trust to build and deliver a new, financially sustainable service to support people with dementia through this transition. The project will see ESP working with Upstream and with people affected by dementia to co-design the Onwards service and deliver a Scottish trial.


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