Welcome to Viaqqio

Welcome to Viaqqio

Viaqqio is the future mobility division of the ESP Group – designing, developing and delivering innovative mobility services, which draw on the ESP Group’s technical and customer support capabilities.

Thought Leadership

Future Mobilty Design

Viaqqio designs and delivers innovative services to improve mobility for a variety of users. Our work can take different approaches – from responding directly to challenges facing our clients, through to building large consortia to respond to funded innovation competitions. We place a central focus on understanding, and responding to, user needs. As such, we will, wherever possible, include users directly in a project to co-design the services and individual touchpoints. Uncovering and understanding the value proposition for users is an essential part of creating a strong, sustainable business model to take a service to market.

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Delivering Mobility as a Service

ESP puts the ‘service’ into Mobility as a Service. At Viaqqio, this means co-designing new mobility services with users. In the West Midlands, we have trialled a Mobility as a Service pilot called Car Freedom, which supports older people who need to stop driving.


Service Design

At Viaqqio, we believe that transport can be used as a transformative policy tool while also pro-actively meeting dynamic user needs and emerging lifestyle expectations. As such, our approach to delivering Mobility as a Service places a strong concentration on working directly with users to uncover their true needs.

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Leading Innovation

Viaqqio is excited to be leading a collaborative MaaS project funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, under their ‘Enhancing End-to-End Journeys’ competition. The project is called Pick&Mix and will create one of Scotland’s first ever Mobility as a Service (MaaS) applications for young people aged 16-25.

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Developing the Business Proposition

Within Viaqqio we are exploring business models and subsequent business cases for new MaaS implementations as well as future autonomous vehicle services. These build on a deep understanding of the value propositions available to end-users, service providers and wider stakeholders.


Lives Daily

Everyday well over three million people can travel thanks to our products and services.


Products Sold

We sell transport products direct to consumers to make their journeys easier.


Cards Produced

We produced and fulfilled over 5.1m transport smartcards across the UK in 2016.


Turnover 2016

We work with the biggest transport operators and authorities in the UK.


Upstream is a project that focusses on people living with dementia and transport. The project has been working with dementia groups in Stornaway, Aberdeen an East Lothian to understand the travel sticking points and opportunities to improve mobility. ESP Group have been a key part of this Life Changes Trust project since its creation 2 years ago.  In December of 2016 we co-organised a fantastic conference centred on the transport issues people living with dementia face.

Upstream designed and delivered an “assisted journey” with people living with dementia to highlight how whole journeys work for people with dementia – in this case making a trip to the theatre!  Importantly we used this shared experience to increase awareness amongst passenger assist staff and ask a few big questions about what could be if we all work together for the customer!  Please click below to watch the insightful video:

Just some of our clients