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Systex is the systems solutions and smart card / token hub at the core of the ESP Group.

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Smartcard Personalisation and Software Systems

Systex is the systems solutions and smart card / token hub at the core of the ESP Group.  Servicing over 60% of the mass transit and entitlement market in the UK and Northern Ireland, we have issued more than 40 million smartcards, and have 15 million cardholders under management on our sophisticated CRM systems.

We hold the most comprehensive ITSO product and media certification in the UK for our Perso POST.  Our university installations knit together the many disparate sub-systems operating in educational establishments and integrate with a wide range of campus applications as well as public transport, which is at the core of higher education life.

NECPO cards

Smartcard Personalisation Bureau

We have issued over 40 million smartcards with more than 15 million of those customers under management; we are the authority on smartcards.  Using our in-house CRM to support the schemes in the UK, we guide our clients in the best customer experience we can provide.

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Web Portals

Our PCI level 1 compliant, industrial strength Public Web Portals successfully fulfil high-profile, public facing projects at low risk for our clients.  We provide robust, sophisticated CRM systems to meet our customer needs.

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App Development and Data Mining

Our substantial systems development teams have embraced Agile Development methodologies, facilitating highly efficient incremental testing techniques which ensure we are able to advance product functionality to meet customer demand.


ESP ‘Systexperts’

Our entire business is backed-up by the ‘systexperts’ – our support services and maintenance teams who work alongside a strong group of experienced account managers, business analysts, systems architects, project managers and data mining technicians.


Lives Daily

Everyday well over three million people can travel thanks to our products and services.


Products Sold

We sell transport products direct to consumers to make their journeys easier.


Cards Produced

We produced and fulfilled over 5.1m transport smartcards across the UK in 2016.


Turnover 2016

We work with the biggest transport operators and authorities in the UK.

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SmartWedge launches!

We thought you would like to know some more about the technology that has gone into the SmartWedge RTP.

The main feature of the SmartWedge RTP is the 10 inch LCD touch screen allowing you to quickly and easily control the printer through the friendly and intuitive user interface.

The SmartWedge is a fully integrated ITSO accredited Smart Perso Post printer featuring RTP re-transfer technology makes it possible to print onto a variety of card materials with outstanding results, including cards made of PVC, PVH, ABS, Polycarbonate and pure PET. Equally important, when printing onto cards containing electronic circuitry, the retransfer printing process produces spectacular results compared to direct-to-card printers.

One of the key advantages of the re-transfer ID card printing technology is increased abrasion resistance – information printed with a re-transfer printer lasts longer! This enhanced wear-protection results from first transferring information to be printed onto a card to the underside of a clear ribbon (the initial dye transfer), then transferring the printed information from that ribbon onto a card in such a manner that the information on the card appears under a protective “release layer” of the clear ribbon (the “re-transfer” step).

The printer features a smart LCD display that provides printer status information using both text messages and traffic light-type changes in the colour of the LCD display (green = go/OK, yellow = Warning, red = problem/stop). Blank card stock is loaded into a removable cassette that can accommodate up to 200 standard (760 mil) thickness cards, cards can be added while the printer is printing. Different card thicknesses are reliably accommodated via a quick rotation of thickness selector built into the card supply cassette.