Smart Wedge

Smart Wedge – Local issuance made simple

We offer a range of local card issuance systems that are flexible, reliable and economic, streamlining your output and business costs when producing smartcards for your customers.

Smart Wedge expands on our existing range of ITSO accredited PersoPost local issuance systems, it is built on the latest Windows 10 platform and capable of encoding all major card types including MiFare, DESFire and microprocessor cards, suitable for use by local authorities and transport operators for the production of ITSO encoded travel cards and is a completely scalable solution.  Smart Wedge offers, with ease, the option of a single system to a complete bureau facility and can offer full integration to our existing feature-rich card management systems.

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Local Issuance

SmartWedge printer offering a simple solution to your smartcard fulfilment needs on site.  The instant access allows printing to be done within minutes of your clients application being accepted.

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Bureau Services

We offer fully managed bureau services if the local issuance is not what you need.  We process, check eligibility and fulfil national entitlement, smart and travel cards applications for the UK’s leading transport operators.

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Industry Standards

We ensure our product provides the highest standards possible, our Smart Wedge is capable of encoding all ITSO product entities and cashless payment systems including sQuid.

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We thought you would like to know some more about the technology that has gone into the SmartWedge RTP.

The main feature of the SmartWedge RTP is the 10 inch LCD touch screen allowing you to quickly and easily control the printer through the friendly and intuitive user interface.

The SmartWedge is a fully integrated ITSO accredited Smart Perso Post printer featuring RTP re-transfer technology makes it possible to print onto a variety of card materials with outstanding results, including cards made of PVC, PVH, ABS, Polycarbonate and pure PET. Equally important, when printing onto cards containing electronic circuitry, the retransfer printing process produces spectacular results compared to direct-to-card printers.

One of the key advantages of the re-transfer ID card printing technology is increased abrasion resistance – information printed with a re-transfer printer lasts longer! This enhanced wear-protection results from first transferring information to be printed onto a card to the underside of a clear ribbon (the initial dye transfer), then transferring the printed information from that ribbon onto a card in such a manner that the information on the card appears under a protective “release layer” of the clear ribbon (the “re-transfer” step).

The printer features a smart LCD display that provides printer status information using both text messages and traffic light-type changes in the colour of the LCD display (green = go/OK, yellow = Warning, red = problem/stop). Blank card stock is loaded into a removable cassette that can accommodate up to 200 standard (760 mil) thickness cards, cards can be added while the printer is printing. Different card thicknesses are reliably accommodated via a quick rotation of thickness selector built into the card supply cassette.


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