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ESP Group’s Annual Easy Travel Index

The Easy Travel Index (ETI) is a survey of almost 5000 people from 45 cities and towns across the UK.  The Survey explores how people view their transport and travel; what makes travel difficult or worrisome; and people’s expectations for the future of travel. Respondents are also asked to rate the ease of local and long-distance travel.

The Survey is in its third year and the 2018  results have many stories to tell. The changes over the period 2016 to 2018  also highlight interesting changes. We will release ‘ETI Thought Bites’ over the coming months which will focus on specific results or themes. We will offer our thoughts on what that means for transport today and in the future.

The Infographic below shows the summary 2018 and 2017 results and highlights some issues we must think about.  Look out for our future ETI Thought Bites on our website. If you are interested to know more about the results or the survey, please contact us via the Contact page.




london bus

The Future of Free Bus Travel

A Standing Ovation

During my 30+ years in transport I have only received a standing ovation once.  It was 1993 I think.

I was presenting some research to a conference sponsored by Age Concern (which would merge with Help the Aged to become AgeUK).

The research told a story of confusion amongst older people over the use of their bus passes.  At that time, just a few years after bus deregulation, local authorities offered a range of concessions: free travel, free travel after 0930, cheap flat fare travel (even trade in your bus pass for a TV Licence).  This patchwork of concession was made more complicated for people travelling across transport authority boundaries.

I reported that there was a case for a national concession: maybe even a free concession.

Man's hands of a driver on steering wheel of a minivan car on asphalt road

What can we learn about driving licence holding?

Passing your driving test and retiring from driving are two of the most important life events people face.

These have the potential to dramatically shift your transport choices, which is why ESP wanted to find out more about patterns of driving licence holding in the ESP Easy Travel Index (ETI) within which 75% of respondents held a driving licence.


How does Wales perform?

This piece looks at the diversity of results across the 8 Welsh cities, towns and regions included in the Easy Travel Index. While some seem to be performing well, others are underperforming. The piece considers whether an urban-rural split is causing the difference in performance, or whether other local issues are at play.


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