Creating a market ready POD service

ESP Group is part of the 20-partner consortium to deliver the CAPRI (Connected & Autonomous PODS on-Road Implementation) project. This includes academia, small and large businesses and public sector authorities, with AECOM as the project lead. The project includes the design, development and testing of new autonomous and connected pods on-demand (PODs), culminating in on-road public trials at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. CAPRI’s next generation of PODs, along with our newly developed systems and technologies, will allow the vehicles to navigate safely and seamlessly in both pedestrian and road environments.

Our role in CAPRI will be to design the details of the POD-based service from a user’s perspective. We will create a customer-centric offering including: service welcome material, ticketing and contact centre support during core service hours. New approaches to delivery of these services will be evaluated for the duration of the pilot, including trialling customer support through in-vehicle communications direct to drivers. In addition, ESP Group will be leading work on developing the business models to make the service prosper throughout UK and beyond.

As an organisation, ESP wants to be at the forefront of innovation in the UK and help push forward world-class developments in public transport and future mobility. We have a clear ambition to transfer our extensive knowledge of the existing transport sector to become a key delivery partner in the nascent CAV market. We have a strong understanding of traveller needs and expectations using co-design approaches to work with real users to gain in-depth insights to steer the design of the services we are developing.

CAPRI pods

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