ESP Group’s CEO gives up his car! – BLOG

Posted on 5th October 2017

ESP Group make public transport work for millions of people every day.  Ticketing, concessionary passes, national railcards, booking, refunds, web support: it takes a lot to make the traveller experience seamless and personalised!

At the same time the world is changing: more transport options (app based taxis, car clubs, car sharing..), more information, more booking engines, more choice.

Mobility as a Service is one response to bringing this all together: personalised packages of transport being made available to the user through one easy to use service.  No need to own a car!  (In fact this is an area where ESP Group is leading the way through our future mobility division Viaqqio.)

It is timely that Terry Dunn, our CEO and Chairman is giving up his car!  He will now be at the sharp end of this brave new world!

How will public transport and mobility work for him?  What will be his highs and lows? Will he live the dream or the nightmare?  Will his wife ever speak to him again?  You’ll learn about all this in the coming months…

You can read his first blog piece HERE.

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