Our Ethos

ESP Group makes life simple, our ethos drives our passion

Our ethos is simply to put our customers and employees first and aspire to never letting them down.  We work hard to create a positive and inclusive culture that permeates every part of our business.  This ensures we have happy and motivated teams who are all committed to delivering quality in their work and supporting each other to create a dynamic and professional business environment.  This helps us not only to maintain staff who feel contented and proud of where they work, but also to create happy, satisfied and engaged customers.

Our Mission

To help our clients deliver their objectives reliably and to creatively meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. We work hard to understand our clients’ business objectives and excel in managing the experience of their customers.  Technology is and will remain at the heart of what we do — software, multichannel customer support, smart token delivery and management. We create, support and deliver new products, services and business models to meet evolving client and their customers’ needs.

We commit to being Financially Sustainable, Agile, Accountable, Transparent and Ethical. We will generate profit to invest in our future and deliver a return for shareholders and stakeholders in our business.

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Journeycall delivers blended unscripted contact centre support, fulfilment services, delay repay and passenger assist services.

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Systex provides smart card personalisation through a dedicated bureau and CRM systems.

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What our clients and their customers say

We live our ethos every day.  We use it to make our clients businesses work for them.  We support the transport industry by supporting its customers.

Our Clients agree that we have people at the heart of our business.  They trust us as a result and are happy to share their partnership stories.


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